Mira Consulting provides a wide variety of services for the benefit of our client base. Our services are driven by wide expertise and qualifications possessed by our team and years of experience collected by the management and associates of Mira Consulting

Training management

We help training providers and employers with QCTO and SETA Accreditation, Workplace approval and Skills development interventions to ensure growth and sustainability.

⁃ Learnership Management
⁃ Training Center Accreditation
⁃ Quality Management Systems
⁃ Training Material Development
⁃ Workplace approvals
⁃ Project Management
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Placement Services ​

Our recruitment and Placement services helps graduates and unemployed candidates with access to learnerships, internships, Apprenticeships and permanent jobs or entrepreneurship. We assist jobseekers and candidates who need placements for Work Integrated Learning with:

⁃ WIL (Work Integrated Learning)
⁃ Work Readiness Training
⁃ Temporary and Permanent Placements
⁃ Internships
⁃ CV Reconstruction
⁃ Stipend disbursements and management
⁃ In-service Training (Apprenticeship)
⁃ Interview preparation
⁃ Finding suitable host employers
⁃ SETA Relationship Management
⁃ Coaching and Mentoring

SDF Services

As set out in the Organising Framework for Occupations version 12, Mira Consulting provides services to help analyse the skills organizational skills requirement and coordinates the execution of the personal development plans of employees, monitors the implementation of the workplace skills plan and reports to relevant seta’s accordingly

⁃ Work Skills Plans
⁃ Annual Training Plan
⁃ Inter SETA Transfers
⁃ Skills Audits
⁃ Discretionary Grants Applications
⁃ Proposal Writing
⁃ Company compliance Monitoring
⁃ Mandatory Projects Implementation
⁃ Grants Applications and Management

Enterprise Development

Our SMME Development and Support programme is geared for entrepreneurs with no experience in running businesses and are looking for independence. We work with establishing Non-Profit Companies, Private Companies, NPO’s and Cooperatives.

Our programme takes our candidates from the conceptualization of the idea, opportunity assessment, Business Planning to start-up capital of the business.

⁃ Opportunity Assessments
⁃ Business Conceptualization
⁃ Business Planning
⁃ Company registrations
⁃ Company Compliance
⁃ Coaching and mentoring
⁃ Marketing and trend analysis
⁃ Corporate Identity development
⁃ Linking with financial institutions

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